Things Made From Stone Span Infinite Timelines

As I take a daydreaming break I sit and imagine if these stone walls could talk what would their advice be? I’m pretty sure it would be to honor thyself and everyone you come in contact with for they may never have had honor in their lives and it’s such a wonderful gift to give. To watch as the the light in their eyes brightens with the realization and understanding that helps them find their way back to their path of enlightenment. Everyone’s paths are different but we all arrive at the same place in the end and are returned to earth to resume our path to our destiny, enlightening others along the way. We are energy, be it sometimes positive or negative, but always energy. Finding the balance between the two is the ultimate legacy, then sharing that balance is our saving grace. Learning and teaching is the return to our truth, the one true nature of love. To define and refine this at a young age would be an ever bearing fruit that knows no end and replenishes with the passing of the seasons when the tree of knowledge replants and grows. Becoming a guiding light that shines upon the path for all to see the way to an eternity of love being passed on from generation to generation in a never ending infinity loop of love. I hope you understand and find your way to this beautiful world of tranquility and love that lives inside each and every one.

Mother, grandmother and eternal writer

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