Happy Thanks Giving Every Day Of The Year

Helping others celebrate their triumphs and tribulations, whatever they may be, happens every day of the year in different ways. We care for one another and in return they care for us, it’s an infinite loop of love.

If we honor the earth by giving it nourishment and good seeds to grow, then reaping the cornucopia of good healthy food it gives in return, for this feast of health and wealth we give thanks daily. Always share what you reap to help others grow and flourish, and remember there is no end to this perpetual circle.

Everyone has something selfless to share be it love, knowledge, financial or emotional support. When it is selfless it comes from our core being and touches others with a lasting imprint they pass on to others. It’s honestly is the very simple acts that leave an indelible impression on the souls of humanity meant to be shared for all eternity.

Mother, grandmother and eternal writer

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