So we find ourselves in the midst of a viral pandemic, it had to come to this because we did not listen. The earth has to protect itself in any way it can, it will not stand by and allow us to use everything up it has so generously given us. Where would that leave the earth? Barren and full of blight, I think the earth will not allow that to happen to itself.

Just as we must tend to ourselves we must tend to the earth. We must stop using plastics, chemicals and whatever man has thought up to make money from. We must stop cutting down the trees that work so hard to clean our air, air that we have filled with smog and plastic debris. We are making it so the earth can not keep up and survive for much longer, I’m sure the earth will rid itself of us before it allows its own demise. It had to come to this.

We must stop polluting, polluting our oceans and everything that surround them. Polluting ours minds with these evil thoughts that have been passed on through the generations. It’s all pollution and pollution is never good.

We must stop and now is the time because the earth has made it that way by unleashing whatever it can to help itself. It has to protect itself first so it can support itself and us but not our denigration, it will rid itself of us if we don’t listen to its cries for help. It’s over burdened.

It’s time to change to a simpler time and way of life. Just as you make a New Years Eve Resolution for improvement in your life, we need to go one step further and make it a daily resolution to improve our lives and the life of the earth and everything residing here.

Mother, grandmother and eternal writer

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