Shade For Rent — Dreams For Sale

I found you comfortably nestled in the shade of a pear tree.You were reading while eating a pear that had just fallen to the ground,not a care while the world slowly turned.

Looking up through the umbrella of leaves, watching the green shades go from light to dark with every cloud that passes between the sun and the earth.

It starts to rain and I take an umbrella of leaves to shelter myself, you are still sitting under the beautiful tree full of leaves.

You start to sing a beautiful song I’ve never heard, the words were echoes from long lost souls who had lost their way many moons ago.

The rain held the rhythm as the words poured down from the sky. The beat was sometimes slow increasing with every howl in the wind. With each crescendo the sky would light with streaks as the thunder played a beat.

As the storm began to calm the wind turned to bemoan a love lost, playing a love song from the beating heart inside the tree.

The leaves began to let go — let go of their fear. Let go of their tears for a time they never knew. A time when seeds of hope were planted but only deceit grew, fed by a restless fire that lived within.

The more the leaves let go the lighter the tree felt. The roots began to dance a dance of freedom with each release of the bonds that bound them, bound them to live a life of desperation, at first comfort was not in their world.

As the years began to pass by and the visions began to fade into etched, hazy holograms from a mind that had seen the most beautiful aspirations in all others’ eyes. All of these visions were seen from beneath the sheltering leaves of a tree. Shade For Rent — Dreams For Sale

Copyright@2020 Mary Jane Johnson

Mother, grandmother and eternal writer

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