The Energy Of Love

The Vibration Of Love

Love comes in many shapes on every size of smiling face and eyes. It can leap mountains and oceans to span the man-made races.

It knows no continental divides never meant to define that which lives inside waiting for the precious moments so sublime.

It is the music of the heart that connects everyone. Among the crescendos and decrescendos it lightens us with every single beat.

It gives one hope to move through every cherished day. To be able to seek the feelings and meaning inside every word uttered in every different way.

To be so attuned with every breath you breathe love. A love that involves all from deep below the blue of the sea to the stars twinkling in the the Milky Way and beyond.

Just as a spiral galaxy spinning in deep space, its arms outstretched to gather everything near and dear or turning it away to return another day. It has an all encompassing atmosphere of love.

The vibration of love has no boundaries, nothing to deflect its feeling of warmth that lives within us and connects us to one and then another. The vibration comes from deep inside the heart where we have all buried deep our treasures.

All it takes to share this vibration of love with everyone is a simple smile. Once another sees the light of love in your eyes, their eyes will light with love and they will feel the vibration coursing though out their body and pass it on.

In times such as these we need to be connected to one another so we can help from afar with whatever another needs. Whether the need be physical, mental or spiritual we have the capacity to heal with our intended thoughts, to give another the strength they need to do the same for themselves.

Share your inner strength with those that are weak so they can be strong enough to pass on the vibration of love. In return you will know the meaning of love so true it circumvents everything.

Mother, grandmother and eternal writer

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