Things Made From Stone Span Infinite Timelines

As I take a daydreaming break I sit and imagine if these stone walls could talk what would their advice be? I’m pretty sure it would be to honor thyself and everyone you come in contact with for they may never have had honor in their lives and it’s such a wonderful gift to give. To watch as the the light in their eyes brightens with the realization and understanding that helps them find their way back to their path of enlightenment. Everyone’s paths are different but we all arrive at the same place in the end and are returned…

The Energy Of Love
The Energy Of Love

The Vibration Of Love

Love comes in many shapes on every size of smiling face and eyes. It can leap mountains and oceans to span the man-made races.

It knows no continental divides never meant to define that which lives inside waiting for the precious moments so sublime.

It is the music of the heart that connects everyone. Among the crescendos and decrescendos it lightens us with every single beat.

It gives one hope to move through every cherished day. To be able to seek the feelings and meaning inside every word uttered in every different way.

To be so…

Helping others celebrate their triumphs and tribulations, whatever they may be, happens every day of the year in different ways. We care for one another and in return they care for us, it’s an infinite loop of love.

If we honor the earth by giving it nourishment and good seeds to grow, then reaping the cornucopia of good healthy food it gives in return, for this feast of health and wealth we give thanks daily. Always share what you reap to help others grow and flourish, and remember there is no end to this perpetual circle.

Everyone has something selfless…

What do you do if you have preexisting conditions but have been very careful and not contracted covid 19, that you know of. Let’s say you have an asthma attack or are showing signs of having a heart attack and need to go to the hospital. The hospital is like a frontline war zone, full of covid 19 patients and is not safe for people with health problems who are negative for covid 19. It is happening now.

The medical staff is exhausted and praying there is a light at the end of the covid 19 tunnel. They have hope and keep going by sheer willpower knowing there has to be an end to this. At times they are low or without the necessary protective equipment and use whatever is handy to make due so they can continue on in this plight of a pandemic.

They show up for work knowing they may not have someone to replace them at the end of their 12hr shift or they are needed in another area when their current shift is finished. And we have the audacity to complain?

Take a few moments when you are feeling overwhelmed and think about our front line workers and what they are sacrificing to help. Sure they may be earning money but there is no way to pay them what they are worth. How do you put a price on saving someone’s life? They do it because they are dedicated and are here to help.

Each of us have such a simple task to do to help the medical staff, the Covid 19 patients and help stop the spread. We can help by social distancing, wearing a mask, practicing good hygiene and leaving an area cleaner, whether you are indoors or out, than when you found it. It’s all such simple and easy things to do if each and every one would do them eventually we would go through this to the other side and to the light at the end of the covid 19 tunnel. Please be very mindful, teach everyone you know: how to wear a mask properly, properly wash their hands , use hand sanitizer, don’t touch anything unless you’re cleaning and when you’re done, do it all again—Our mantra is “We can be the light at the end of the covid 19 tunnel”

Circumstances were the reason I left my home in a small town after living there for almost 46yrs. Our home set on an acre of land with the edge of the property dropping off into the river. We shared our yard with many different animals, some would just cross and go on about their daily business while others would stay.

We had a lone male fox that had lost its mate living in his fox hole in the backyard. He would lay along the small area we fenced in for the dog and the grandchildren. …

So we find ourselves in the midst of a viral pandemic, it had to come to this because we did not listen. The earth has to protect itself in any way it can, it will not stand by and allow us to use everything up it has so generously given us. Where would that leave the earth? Barren and full of blight, I think the earth will not allow that to happen to itself.

Just as we must tend to ourselves we must tend to the earth. We must stop using plastics, chemicals and whatever man has thought up to…

I had the opportunity to volunteer in a very busy area at a hospital and hope to return to my duties on their team of volunteers when they give us “The All Clear”.

The Volunteer Director knew exactly what position to place me in so I could thrive and help more people than I could ever imagine, which in turn made my life very fulfilling. What goes around comes around and it makes sense to make it a good thing.

Part of my volunteer duties were connecting with the people in the surgery waiting room who are patiently waiting on…

I found you comfortably nestled in the shade of a pear tree.You were reading while eating a pear that had just fallen to the ground,not a care while the world slowly turned.

Looking up through the umbrella of leaves, watching the green shades go from light to dark with every cloud that passes between the sun and the earth.

It starts to rain and I take an umbrella of leaves to shelter myself, you are still sitting under the beautiful tree full of leaves.

You start to sing a beautiful song I’ve never heard, the words were echoes from long…

Mary Jane Johnson

Mother, grandmother and eternal writer

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