I had the opportunity to volunteer in a very busy area at a hospital and hope to return to my duties on their team of volunteers when they give us “The All Clear”.

The Volunteer Director knew exactly what position to place me in so I could thrive and help more people than I could ever imagine, which in turn made my life very fulfilling. What goes around comes around and it makes sense to make it a good thing.

Part of my volunteer duties were connecting with the people in the surgery waiting room who are patiently waiting on their loved ones who are having surgery.

It’s watching, waiting and listening for any signs of anxiety or anguish from the people in the waiting room. It’s being their rock to lean on when their emotions are a little shaky when there are unexpected delays with their loved ones surgery. It’s giving them strength and peace of mind to get them through.

Helping people is a wonderful experience in itself but helping people who have a loved one in surgery is one of the ultimate duties for me to perform as a volunteer.

It’s showing others the love and kindness that should be everywhere, confirming that people honestly do care but sometimes do not have the time to show it. Volunteers have that opportunity and so much more, we are the lucky ones.

A few of my duties were making sure patients are in line to be registered for testing, calling their ride whether it be a friend or a service, calling an escort to walk them or take them by wheelchair to their destination. Always, there is something that is never on the list that makes it even more near and dear to my heart.

Seeing another whose health is faltering and making sure they are comfortable by giving them a warm blanket when they are chilled or even just asking if they are okay while they are waiting for tests is such a simple act of kindness and means the world to them, such a simple thing.

Making sure the people who come through the double doors by our desk are as calm and comfortable as possible before they move to another area.

Then again this isn’t only about volunteering, it’s real life minute by minute, breath by breath sometimes. It’s about treating everyone with respect, kindness and compassion and giving them hope to carry on which returns to you through the light in their eyes and the openness of their hearts.

Changing lives while changing ours at the same time.

Compassionately yours,

Lily The Volunteer.

ps pass the love on.

Mother, grandmother and eternal writer

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